Sweet Hockey Slick Tiles

Create your own Hockey Training Zone!

  • Slick Tiles provide a great surface to work on stickhandling and shooting skills. Slick Tiles provide a superior surface for stickhandling and shooting practice. Theses dryland tiles are lightweight and economical and are easy to assemble using a tongue and groove system.

    Just snap together or apart in seconds! This construction leaves the surface seamless and without gaps to provide the feel of the ice with the puck. Due to the waffle or grid-like backing, the tiles can be used on low pile carpet and slightly uneven surfaces.

    Slick Tiles has great durability and with it’s UV protector can be used on the driveway or in the garage.

    Create your own hockey training area at home!! We'd Love to Help you out

  • Sold 20 tiles per box.

    Each tile is 12" by 12".

    UV protected.

    Smooth surface for less friction from the puck.

    Available in 2 colors: BLUE or WHITE.

    Measure your room. Multiply the length X width to get Total Square Footage. Divide the Total Square Footage by 20 and that will give you the quantity of boxes you need.

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