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Hockey 101 - Training Tips for Beginners

 Beginning a new sport can be pretty intimidating…especially hockey because of all the equipment required to play the greatest game on the planet.

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How to Steal the Puck

As a hockey player, one skill that is talked about a lot, but practiced very little is the art of how to steal the puck from the opposition. 

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How to Choose a Hockey Stick Blade Curve

  My goal for this post is to provide information on how to choose the right hockey stick for the first time.  There are a number of factors that go into the process and it can be...

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Choosing the Right Hockey Camp or Clinic for Your Player

Are you researching summer hockey camps or clinics for your hockey player?  If you live in an area like mine, you have several options to choose from and it is hard to know what’s best for your hockey hopeful.

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Prepare to Win with these Three Pro-Approved Warm-Up Drills

 The purpose of doing hockey warm-up drills is to wake up both the mind and body. One of the most popular warm-ups for teams is playing a variety...

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The Five Characteristics of a Great Hockey Leader

 If you have ever watched the NHL network nightly recap show “On the Fly,” you’ll repeatedly hear the analysts refer to players as great leaders. Often, these...

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Speed Skills - Skate Faster with These Pro Hockey Tips

  As a long-time hockey skills coach, I get asked by parents all the time about how their son or daughter can increase their skating speed.  I do a lot of...

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