The Best Synthetic Ice – Questions Answered

Synthetic Ice is an excellent hockey training aid, conveniently allowing players to develop fundamental skills by skating anywhere, any time. While synthetic ice is growing in popularity with players from Mites to the Pros, there are some common questions about synthetic ice use and performance.

Common questions about synthetic ice include ‘can you stop on synthetic ice’ and the answer is yes! Making a hockey stop on synthetic ice can be as routine as it is on artificial ice or natural ice. Many hockey families purchase synthetic ice so players can work on stopping, as well as their initial stride after a hockey stop.

The ‘glide’ of synthetic ice is another important question. This is key as there is great variation in the quality and performance of synthetic ice, which is also referred to as plastic ice. How the synthetic ice is manufactured is critical to not only performance, but also in how long your synthetic ice panels will last. If you want optimal performance in shooting, stickhandling and skating on synthetic ice, make sure you understand the ins and outs of the glide and durability of synthetic ice.

Installation is another important consideration. Synthetic ice panels are only as good as how tight and level the seams fit together, and even more importantly, stay together! Temperature variation is another consideration and with ProSkate Synthetic Ice, our panels have passed rigorous testing in extreme conditions from the fridged north to the sweltering south.

We are often asked ‘where can I install synthetic ice?’ The answer to this question is simple, synthetic ice panels can be installed on any hard, flat surface. Most of the hockey families that purchase our ProSkate Synthetic Ice are installing it on the concrete in their basement or garage. Hard decking is another option for installation, as is an asphalt driveway.

Another common question is whether synthetic ice is dirty or messy and if there are synthetic ice shavings. All synthetic ice does leave shavings that are easily swept up with a broom or vacuumed up with a shop vac.

So what is the best synthetic ice?

The best synthetic ice meets all of the criteria outlined above. If you have questions about the best synthetic ice please contact us!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our ProSkate Synthetic Ice! 

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