Ice Hockey Tips and Hockey Skills: Perfecting Your One Timer

 A question our training staff is often asked by players starting out is:

 “What is a one timer in hockey?”

While this may sound like a ridiculous question, the hockey one-timer is a very exciting and effective way to score a goal and is a critical skill that should be mastered by every level of player. In this article, we share a number of tips and shooting drills that you can use to practice perfecting your one timer shot.

Definition: A one timer is a shot taken directly off a pass or a loose puck in one fluid motion without stopping to gain control of the puck. One timers are usually slap shots and can be very difficult to stop, according to

When it comes to shooting a great one-timer, proper technique is everything. In order to shoot a perfect one-timer, it’s wise to start by first learning how to take a decent slap shot and then build on that. Along with learning how to take a slap shot, communication and timing are two additional keys to a successful one timer. To work on timing, begin by receiving a pass in a stationary position. Next, choose a target on net, get yourself in the optimal position to receive the pass and take your shot in one fluid motion. As you practice this more and more, you’ll find that your ability to control where the puck goes when you shoot will increase.

How to Perfect Your One-Timer

There are a few things you should incorporate into your basic hockey drills as you work off-ice to perfect your one timer: 

  1. Always keep your stick on the ice/ground when making contact with the puck.
  1. Pick out a target you want your one-timer to go and focus on it.
  1. Just as in a normal hockey shot, follow through with your stick to your target.

There are many novice hockey drills that you can do to perfect the one-timer. The key is to be able to practice and have the ability to receive a moving puck. This can be challenging, as there isn’t always another player around to pass you the puck. Using a hockey passer or rebounder is an excellent way to practice this skill alone.

As you practice and become better, try to make your release time faster and faster. It is also a great idea to stay moving while you practice. Shooting into a shooter tutor or shooting tarp will allow you to improve your accuracy. 

One-Timer Shooting Drills

Here is an excellent one-timer hockey shooting drill you can try.  In this video, we show you how to use a rebounder to shoot a one-timer while backpedaling:



Lastly, don’t ignore your backhand one-timer.  Always make sure to develop both sides so that you can increase your goal scoring chances.

Try this drill out. In this video, we show you both how to shoot a backhand one-timer and how to elevate your shot: 



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February 15, 2016 — Lance Pitlick

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