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Sniper’s Edge Hockey has announced the exclusive partnership between Sniper’s Edge Hockey and CCM Hockey. 

Sniper’s Edge Hockey, the world’s leader in hockey training aids, is proud to be the official and sole supplier of hockey training aids to CCM Hockey. Sniper’s Edge Hockey products are featured in the new CCM Skills App, which is designed to help players elevate their game.

With strong connections to the worldwide hockey community, the partnership between Sniper’s Edge Hockey and CCM Hockey made perfect sense. Joe Shoults, owner of Sniper’s Edge Hockey shares, “As both companies have grown and evolved in the industry, it became apparent that joining forces was the next logical step for both organizations.”

We are very excited to partner with Snipers Edge Hockey,” said Mathieu Filiatrault-Giroux, Product Manager at CCM Hockey. “CCM is committed to helping players perform at their highest level. These training aids are designed to elevate the standard training routine and ultimately help players improve.”

For company or product information regarding Sniper’s Edge Hockey, visit or CCM Hockey, Check out the products featured in the CCM app with former NHL pro Lance Pitlik as well as NHL greats Sidney Crosby, Conner McDavid and John Tavares.

About Sniper’s Edge Hockey

Sniper’s Edge Hockey, located in Plymouth, Minnesota, is the world’s leader in hockey training aids, with products such as the #1 selling Sniper's Edge Hockey Tarp, the PassMaster hockey passer and one-timer trainer, and the SweetHands stickhandling trainer.  Sniper’s Edge Hockey is the original leader in training aids for hockey players, from mites to the pros. Learn more at

About CCM Hockey

CCM Hockey, a subsidiary of the adidas Group, is headquartered in Montreal. With operations in Canada, the United States and Europe, the company is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of hockey equipment and related apparel. CCM Hockey equips more professional hockey players than any other company, including superstars like Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and Carey Price. CCM Hockey is also the official outfitter of the National Hockey League, the American Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League, and several NCAA and national teams. For more info, visit:


June 01, 2017 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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