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Stickhandling Balls

The Dangle Stickhandling Balls are here to help you get everything you need from stickhandling. Gain muscle, speed, better vision, and realistic on-ice feel with the set of four dangle stickhandling balls. Every day is a new challenge and opportunity to improve, and the dangle stickhandling balls help you with whatever you’re looking for. Great for pre-game warm ups or off-season practice. They work on most surfaces and can help you become the BEST dangler in the show.

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Four different balls for all of your stickhandling needs. Practice your speed, skill, strength, and vision with the dangle ball set from Sniper’s Edge.


The muscle ball is made of dense steel, perfect for forcing athletes to develop strong wrists, hands, and technique.


Hockey is a skill-driven game. The red skillz ball is the same weight as a puck, so it helps to create the feel and the precision that the game often challenges us to have.


Quite simply, take them out and they are ready to be used. The high quality, sleek designed carrying bag makes the Dangle Balls perfect for pre-game use, store them in your bag and pull them out whenever you want to stickhandle.


The lightweight yellow ball is to get your hands buzzing! Generate speed and flow with ease and practice getting your moves done at high speed.


This ball is hard to see, forcing you to keep your head up, and only feel the ball on your stick! It is the same weight as the puck too, making the skill transfer seamless.

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