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The Sniper’s Edge Shooting Pad is the perfect platform for firing shots at the net all day. The beveled edge makes it simple to slide the puck on and off the edge, making retrieval a breeze. Simply shoot, slide it back onto the shooting pad, and fire away. Easily move it and store it with the built in handle. Become a better shooter, without the distractions of cracks, rocks, concrete, wobbly pucks. With the shooting pad, you can become more accurate, stronger, and you’ll score more goals. 

    Product Features


    Slick and smooth surface, helps to make pucks slide off to the net. The shooting pad is perfect for practicing the shooting. Great for making the puck slide off, like the way a puck would slide on ice.


    Depending on the space you have, there are three available sizes to give you what you need.


    Adding a Shooting Pad will help make your shot slide like a puck on ice.


    Because it is a pad, it has a handle and is easy to pick up and put away, any of the sizes.

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