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Training Aids for Rinks, Garage, Indoors, & More


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Skills this training aid improves on:

The Dryland All-Star Series Package is the ultimate hockey training package. It includes everything you’ll need to have the best at-home set-up! It’s the largest package deal, and it is sure to help you improve your game.

In this package, you’ll have the most durable and long-lasting Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp!  The Slick Tiles Dryland Flooring will protect your floor from puck marks and cracks, as well as giving you a high-performance surface for pucks and balls to slide across with ease. There’s no limit to the drills that you can do, from passing, stickhandling, shooting, and strength!


All-Star Package Includes:

  • 12 boxes (15' x 16' = 240 sq ft White or Ice Blue Tiles)
  • Shooting Tarp (7 or 8 x 16)
  • PassMaster
  • SweetHands Pro
  • MoveMasterDryland Training Pucks Pack
  • Dangle Stickhandling Balls: Skills, Speed, Muscle, and Ice
  • Stick Weight

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