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Training Aids for Rinks, Garage, Indoors, & More


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Skills this training aid improves on:

Take your off-ice training to the next level.  We have curated all that you need to be a superstar this season, with our Pro Hockey Home area. From the iconic Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp, to the PassMaster and SweetHands, and the stick weight, you’ll be able to get a better shot, be a better passer, and stickhandler. 


Pro Package Includes:

  • 8 boxes (160 sq ft White or IB Tiles)
  • Shooting Tarp (7' x 16' or 8' x 16')
  • PassMaster
  • SweetHands Pro
  • MoveMaster Dryland Training Pucks Pack
  • 4 Pack Dangle Stickhandling Balls

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