Silver Hockey Shooting Package

  • Silver Hockey Shooting Package

$435.00 USD

$527.95 USD

Silver Hockey Shooting Package

$435.00 USD

$527.95 USD
Save Up To $72


Become a Sniper and Score More Goals.

The Silver Hockey Shooting Package provides you with the essential hockey training aids to increase the accuracy of your one-timers and the power of your shot.  The Silver Hockey Shooting Practice Package includes one Snipers Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp, All-Star Hockey Shooting Mat (30” x 60”), PassMaster™, SpeedPuck and stickhandling ball.



Silver Hockey Shooting Package Includes:

  • 1 Hockey Shooting Tarp ($239.00 Value)
  • 1 "The All Star" Hockey Shooting Mat - 30" x 60" ($109.99 Value)
  • 1 PassMaster™ ($159.99 Value)
  • 1 SpeedPuck and Stickhandling Ball ($17.99  Value )
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  • 1 Hockey Shooting Tarp: Practice your shot without the fear of damaging a wall or garage door or breaking a window.  Takes only minutes to set up, and can be installed indoors or outdoors.  The original Snipers Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp
  • 1 “All Star” Hockey Shooting Mat: The largest hockey shooting pad allows you to practice your off-ice shooting and stickhandling skills.   Simulates the smooth, slick feel of real ice, and helps protect hockey blades when shooting on paved or concrete surfaces.  Measures 30” x 60.
  • 1 PassMaster™ Puck Passer: The most versatile and only hockey passing aid, designed with three sides.  Perfect for practicing your passing accuracy, short bullet passes, and delivering rocket fast one-timers.  Use on your dryland flooring tiles, hockey shooting pad, or on the ice.
  • 1 Stickhandling SpeedPack: Includes one SpeedPuck and Speed stickhandling ball.  This is where the player can work on their lightning quick hands.  The lightweight design allows the player to practice stickhandling movements at a speed that isn’t possible to do with a normal hockey puck or other stickhandling ball.