ProSkate Synthetic Ice

  • ProSkate Synthetic Ice
  • ProSkate Synthetic Ice
  • ProSkate Synthetic Ice
  • ProSkate Synthetic Ice
  • ProSkate Synthetic Ice

$299.99 USD

$419.99 USD

ProSkate Synthetic Ice

$299.99 USD

$419.99 USD
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Why You Need This


More time on the ice” means more time to develop the fundamental skills
to take your game to the next level.


The best synthetic ice panels with optimal glide factor
simulating a natural ice experience.

Skill Development.

Practice quick feet, power turns, c-cuts, stopping,
cross-overs, shooting and power skating.


Instant ice time - anytime - and can be installed on any flat,
hard surface such as a garage or basement.


 If you are obsessed with skating and hockey, bring
synthetic ice home and achieve your goals.


ProSkate Synthetic is the best synthetic ice on the market. The same superior technology that we engineer into our existing line of training products has been applied to our durable synthetic ice panels with super-fast glide characteristics and an incredibly realistic ice experience.  We have found the perfect formulation and developed a “secret sauce” to enhance the skaters experience like never before!   No messy sprays or enhancements needed.  Ever. 

Our Synthetic ice tiles, also known as fake ice, plastic ice or artificial ice, has been professionally tested and a single kit is perfect size for players who prefer to shoot pucks off of skates versus tennis shoes. Add additional synthetic ice tiles to deke, dangle and practice your power turns, quick feet and stride.

Each synthetic ice panel is 2’x4’ and are sold in kits that include four panels.  We designed these at 5/16” Thick which allows for superior joints & smooth/durable connections = SEAMLESS SKATING

You’ve seen the rest, now try the best synthetic ice tiles on the market!



Each Panel = 2 ft X 4 ft  :  4 Panels/Pack  :  32 square feet per box

  • 1 Pack = 32 sq ft (covers 4' x 8’ area)
  • 2 Packs = 64 sq ft (covers 8' x 8’ area)
  • 3 Packs = 96 sq ft (covers 8' x 12’ area)
  • 4 Packs = 128 sq ft (covers 8’ x 16’ area)


Holiday Info

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