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Backyard Rink Liner – FAQ

 What is the size and dimensions of your backyard liners?

The Snipers Edge backyard liners are available in three sizes:

  • The SMALL liner is 25’ x 40’ (1,250 SF). It arrives in a box that is 8” x 8” x 56”, and weighs 40 pounds.
  • The MEDIUM liner is 30’ x 60’ (1,800 SF). It arrives in a box that is 8” x 8” x 56”, and weighs 65 pounds.
  • The LARGE liner is 40’ x 70’ (2,800 SF). It arrives in a box is 9” x 9” x 66”, and weighs 95 pounds.

What rink sizes will these liners fit?

Some say to buy a liner that is at least 5 feet wider and 5 feet longer than your boards, but the real answer depends on a) height of your boards, and b) do you want the liner to go up and over the boards (which we recommend), or do you intend to trim back the liner after freezing. If your boards are two feet high, then 2.5 feet on each end (or 5 feet longer, or 5 feet wider, in total) should be fine. But if your boards are higher on one of both side, then you need to consider rink length + board height on both ends plus 12” inches of slack (6” on each side). If you have four foot boards all around, for example, then you will want a liner 9-10’ taller (and/or wider) than your rink. If you have excess liner after filling and freezing, then just trim off the excess if you wish.


Please also keep in mind that you will want to leave some slack in the liner when filling so the water can fully reach every inch of the ground within your rink without stretch the liner at the top. You’ll also want to secure the end along each side of liner to top of your boards so that the entire liner stays above the water line during filling.

Does your price include free shipping?

Yes! The price you see includes door to door delivery to anywhere in the U.S.A. Consider adding a few low cost items to your purchase as well such as pucks or stick weights, to take advantage of free shipping on those too.


Do you ship to Canada?

Apologies to our friends to the north, but in winter 2021/2022 we are only shipping rink liners from our USA warehouse to US customers. But in winter 2022/2023, we hope to have liners in our Winnipeg location to ship to Canada customers as well.


What is material are the rink liners made of?

Our liners are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE, or sometimes referred to as just “poly”), a flexible yet durable material that is proudly made in the USA. Our small rink liner has 5 mil thickness, and our medium and large sizes have 6 mil thickness, which are among the strongest you will find for backyard rinks. Thinner liners, such as those sold at hardware stores that are intended for other applications, are prone to tearing more easily from sticks, errant screws, pulling/tearing if you walk on the liner in boots, or allowing water seepage when you add thousands of gallons of water. Don’t take a chance, get a high quality liner and make sure your rink is sturdy.


Will the liner damage my lawn?

No. Our liners are double-sided with white material, which is an ideal color for protecting grass because it is opaque. In contrast, clear tarps can reflect too much sunlight/heat onto the lawn under your rink during the winter, and could create lawn damage. Of course, we recommend that you wait until your grass is dormant for the winter to roll out the tarp, and that the liner is removed before spring weather returns.


Can I use your rink liner with wood boards, or only a composite rink system?

Our rink liners have a universal fit with any board system, and available in common sizes for youth hockey players. Please just take note of rink size and board height.


Do you sell rink boards or brackets also?

Unfortunately, not at this time. But our engineering team is working on new products all the time, so check back in winter 2022/2023!


Is the liner reusable?

Theoretically yes, since our liners are engineered to be durable and long-lasting, although in our experience a rink owner faces a few challenges with trying to use the liner again. First, liners commonly get dinged with metal shovels that cause rips and tears. Second, sometimes homeowner tries to remove up a liner before the ice is fully melted, in which case the remaining ice chunks can create tears during removal. Third, the liners are generally difficult to roll back up, bulky to store, and heavy to move around. Even if you survive these issues, some of the tears will not be noticeable until you’re rolling out and filling again next winter! So either then you need a new liner (and can you still find them in late November or early December), and/or you can try waterproof tape but taking an awfully big gamble that the tape was applied correctly and strong enough (which you might not know until hours after you fill…which for some people can take 24 hours to fill)! Lastly, almost everyone I know that built a rink last year wants to build an even bigger rink this year. Don’t you? Thus, our recommendation is to just get a fresh liner each year and avoid the guesswork and hassle.


Can I tape two liners together?

We do not recommend this practice. The waterproof tape such as Flexseal might be capable of containing a single hole or tear, but the longer the seam the greater opportunity for the water to seep underneath (however slight an opening, the water will trickle out prior to freezing). Just buy a single sheet for your rink to be on the safe side.



When is the ideal time to fill my rink with water?

Great question, and the answer depends on number of consecutive days with outside temperature below freezing prior to a snow event. Please read our latest blog to learn the science behind it, and how you can prepare and track temperatures. In frigid northern climates like Minnesota and North Dakota, that generally occurs sometime between late November to early December, but every once in a while Mother Nature blesses us hockey fans with early cold temps, so get your liners today so you’ll be ready when those freezing temps arrive!


When is best time to set up the liner?

Immediately prior to filling! That way you reduce the chance of leaves and branches falling on top, and/or wind blowing liner away. For the installation process, we recommend that you recruit a friend to help you roll out the liner across your rink, straighten out the wrinkles, and then tuck in the corners. In our experience, it’s best to wear socks while walking on the liner to reduce risk to reduce “pulling” of the liners that can happen with grippy boots (or risk something sharp on bottom of boot). Also be prepared to go on hands and knees to straighten out wrinkles and tuck in corners.


As mentioned in questions above, we recommend that you leave some slack in the liner when filling so the water can fully reach every inch of the ground within your rink without stretch the liner at the top. You’ll also want to secure the end along each side of liner to top of your boards so that the entire liner stays above the water line during filling. 


For answers to other backyard rink FAQs, tips, tricks and lessons learned, please read our latest blog, available on The Inside Post.


How to Use a Hockey Balance Board

The first thing you want to do when you use your hockey balance board is to make sure that you are on a flat, level surface.

Place your roller on the floor, then position your balance board flat on top of the roller sideways so that one end is up, and the other is down resting on the floor.

Carefully place one foot onto the board where it meets the floor, then stand, at an angle and place your other foot on the edge of the balance board that is up in the air. It may feel awkward at first, but at this point, you will have one foot down and the other foot up. Both feet will be on the board.

Next, gently push the board downward with your upward foot, while you shift your body weight towards the upward side. As soon as you do this, you will feel your core engage. This is where you will begin to balance.

Slowly shift your weight and your legs until you are balanced on the board and you find your center.

It may take a little while to get used to the balance board, but once you do you can move onto more strenuous exercises like squats and stickhandling drills.


Do Balance Boards Work For Hockey Training?

Absolutely. Balance boards are designed to strengthen the body’s core. Hockey players need a strong core in order to stay on their skates and play well for an entire game.


Is a Balance Board Worth It?

It is definitely worth it to have a balance board. Balance boards are built to provide a total core workout that helps to strengthen the whole body. You don’t even have to leave the house to develop the core strength that you need to play hockey like a champion.

What Does a Hockey Balance Board Do?

A hockey balance board allows the user to build maximum core strength in a short amount of time without ever having to leave home. The very moment you begin to balance on the board your core muscles become activated. When you keep those muscles activated for a few minutes, your core strength grows. As your core strength grows, so does the rest of your body strength. A hockey balance board, if used regularly, can build strength, stamina, and balance.



What is the Weight Limit for a Hockey Balance Board?

The weight limit for a hockey balance board can vary from brand to brand. The Sniper’s Edge hockey balance board has a weight rating of 300 lbs. If you weigh more than 300 pounds, you might want to double-check the max weight rating of your board before you attempt to balance on it.


How Much Does a Hockey Balance Board Weigh?

The weight of a hockey balance board will vary with styles and sizes. Most balance boards will weigh between one and three pounds. Balance boards for hockey should be lightweight and easy to carry around. 

What is the Best Hockey Balance Board?

The best hockey balance board is the one that you will actually use and not let sit around to collect dust. The Sniper’s Edge hockey balance board is tough, durable, and built to last. The best hockey products that are available on the market are the ones that are available at Sniper’s Edge.


How to Stand on a Hockey Balance Board

The way to stand on a hockey balance board is to first place the board on a flat, level surface on top of its roller. Allow one side of the board to tilt to the floor, and the other side to be in the air. Place your foot of choice on the side of the board that is resting on the floor.

Next, balance yourself to place your other foot on the side of the board that is upward in the air. When both feet are planted and ready gently shift your weight so that you balance the board on the roller.


Why Use a Hockey Balance Board?

Using a hockey balance board will ultimately strengthen the part of your body that allows you to stay balanced and strong during your game: the core. By exercising on a balance board for 15 minutes each day you can blast your core strength beyond what many other core exercises will allow.



Biggest Benefits of Training with a Hockey Balance Board

Some of the amazing benefits that you can get from training on a hockey balance board will help you to strengthen your body and dominate the game. The best things that will result from regular use are:

  • Core strength
  • Balance
  • Ankle strength
  • Leg strength
  • Stamina

If you train for at least 15 minutes a day you will build core strength that will help you play longer and stay balanced. Pre-order now and save!



Are they playing curling on synthetic ice?

Yes, curling is an option on our Synthetic Ice however you'll need to add some extra lubricant spray.


Can synthetic ice be left outside?

Yes, Snipers Synthetic Ice can be left outside as well as driven on. However, like anything in life the better care you take of it, the better it will perform so we recommend covering it up from the Sun and weather if possible when not in use.


Can you figure skate on synthetic ice?

Yes, you can figure skate on Snipers Synthetic Ice! We'd LOVE to see your Triple Salchow! :) Please send in a video of your best moves! 

Can you hockey stop on synthetic ice?

Yes, you can hockey stop on Snipers Synthetic Ice! This is a KEY feature of Snipers Ice compared to other products on the market.


Does synthetic ice ruin blades?

No, Snipers Synthetic Ice does NOT ruin blades! Keep in mind you are skating on plastic so you will need to sharpen your skates more often than on real ice.


How does synthetic ice work?

Snipers Synthetic Ice is a high density polymer infused with our "secret sauce" that allows a player to skate and glide with ease across the surface. If you have never skated on it before, please know this does NOT replicate real ice exactly, there is more resistance which helps with training and performance. You'll notice you become a more powerful and explosive skater once you get back on the real thing!


How long does synthetic ice last?

Snipers Synthetic Ice has a long shelf life if properly taken care of. Our product, unlike some competitors is double-sided so both sides can be utilized for longer enjoyment. You should easily get 7 - 10 years out of the product if not longer!

How much does a synthetic ice rink cost?

Snipers Synthetic Ice is one of the most affordable solutions on the market today! Our system has an average cost around $8.50 per square foot and becomes less the more you buy. Don't hesitate to reach out to one of our hockey experts if you're looking to build an at home skating area. We have solutions for both small and large rinks! 


How to build a synthetic ice rink?

When building a Synthetic Ice Rink there are many factors to be considered such as the total square feet needed, access to the area and ensuring you've got a good clean flat surface to install it on. Once you've done your initial fact finding it's time to design the rink of your dreams! Exact measurements are provided on our website, but one of our sales consultants are more than happy to help you figure out what you need for the perfect setup! Please email or call us at 877-793-3883.


How to clean synthetic ice?

The best way to clean your Snipers Synthetic Ice is to use a Power Washer if it's available to you. You may also use a mild detergent and warm water, but be certain to dry off your surface and don't use too much water.


How to make synthetic ice slippery?

This is one of the best features of Snipers Synthetic Ice, you don't need to do anything to make it slippery! No messy sprays are needed, ever! We have infused our "secret sauce" that creates the ultimate glide for your skater. Just lay it down, lace up, and hit the rink! 

How to skate on synthetic ice?

When skating on Snipers Synthetic Ice you'll notice that your form is extremely similar to skating on real ice. What you will notice is that your first few strides are more resistant which helps strengthen your core and leg muscles. After your first few strides you'll begin to gain speed and glide just like you would on real ice. We generally say after those first few strides it feels pretty close to real ice, quick enough to do C-cuts, hockey stops and other power skating moves! 


Is synthetic ice cold?

Snipers Synthetic Ice is not cold, but it's always ready to be skated on! Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold! 


Is synthetic ice worth it?

Snipers Synthetic Ice is designed to give players an advantage by getting in some extra skating at home. Ice time has become extremely expensive and is always on someone else's schedule. With your own ice rink in your garage, basement or outdoors you have the ability to practice and skate all the time! In addition, by shooting at home with skates on you'll emulate the real game and most our feedback we receives praises us for the positive impact in makes for their player on the ice.


What is synthetic ice?

Snipers Synthetic Ice is an amazing product made out of a specialized plastic and infused with our "secret sauce" that allows a player to lace up their skates and skate in the comfort of their own home.

What is synthetic ice made of?

Snipers Synthetic Ice is an amazing product made out of a specialized plastic and infused with our "secret sauce" that allows a player to lace up their skates and skate in the comfort of their own home.


What is the best synthetic ice?

Snipers Synthetic Ice is one of the most versatile products on the market. Due to the design of double-sided panels which allows a skater to skate on both sides of the ice, self-infused lubricants which make sure you don't need any messy sprays, our reviews show that Snipers Synthetic Ice is one of the best products on the market!


Where can i buy synthetic ice?

Snipers Synthetic Ice is sold online at