Thanks for your interest in becoming a junior ambassador with Snipers Edge Hockey! We are looking for 20 everyday folks who love hockey and social media, who can help showcase their hockey training through photo and video, that helps to share the love of Snipers Edge with thousands(millions) of other families around the world.

Ideally our 20 ambassadors will come from a mix of regions, playing levels, gender, and social media used. The ambassadors we select will receive a hat a t-shirt.  

Tag is in social posts, either wearing a t-shirt or hat, AND/OR feature notable use of Snipers products (such as shooting tarp, Ultimate Goalie, targets), AND/OR identify us by name). 

# followers:

Tik Tok, FB, IG, or other?




3 tiers of junior ambassadors: Rookie, Pro, All Star 


In addition, Snipers is looking to partner with top-level athletes (collegiate, major junior, professional) who are interested in become or Power Play Ambassadors as well. The Player Play athletes can receive free stuff from Snipers Edge, in exchange for testimonials, social posts/tags, photos, videos, commercials, and more. Please email us a to learn more about this exciting program.