Receiving Passes While Moving

You can't always rely on your teammates to give you a perfect pass. Learn to catch and control a pass while on the move and you'll increase your scoring chances and your overall goal total.

One-Timer in the Slot

How do you score goals in front of the net?  When you're in the slot you need to be able to quickly catch and control the puck and get a quality hockey shot on net before the defenseman has a chance to knock you off the puck.   Practicing one-timers when receiving a pass is also a critical hockey skill.  This stick handling and shooting drill using The PassMaster is a great way to raise your game and score more goals.


Dueling Drills - Hockey Stickhandling and Shooting

The more creative you get with your off-ice stick handling and shooting drills the better your dekes, dangles and snipes will be on the ice. This multi-skill hockey drill uses passing, catching, and in-tight shooting to develop your skills.