All Star Passing and One-Timer Package

Winners Train.  Losers Complain.

Take your skills to the next level with the ultimate hockey passing and one-timer kit, from Snipers Edge Hockey.  With the All Star Passing and One-Timer Package you can build your own full hockey passing training zone at home, in the garage, driveway, basement, spare room, or anywhere else.  It mimics the smooth, slick feel of real ice and gives you space to work on everything from one-timers, to wrist shots, to toe-drags.  Use it as a shooting pad and develop the speed and accuracy of your shot and become a sniper.  The Silver Hockey Passing Pack includes a box (20 Sq. Ft.) of Dryland Flooring Tiles, the PassMaster™ Puck Passer, Green Biscuit Stickhandling Puck, and the MoveMaster 3 Puck Training Set.

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