Snipers Edge Crocbox

  • Snipers Edge Crocbox
  • Snipers Edge Crocbox
  • Snipers Edge Crocbox
  • Snipers Edge Crocbox

$374.97 USD

$499.99 USD

Snipers Edge Crocbox

$374.97 USD

$499.99 USD
You save $125


LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE - USA ORDERS ONLY (Excludes AK/HI).  Tarp ships 10 - 14 days after order is placed


60 Seconds Up, 60 Seconds Down! 

No more cluttering your garage, basement or yard with hockey nets. No more hauling nets in and out of the garage or yard.  With this stand-alone hockey shooting tarp solution, you can practice sniping ginos anywhere. 

It’s the ideal hockey training aid for anyone looking to improve their hockey shooting game.  Simply attach the custom designed Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp to the Crocbox sports practice net and you’re ready to start improving your game and sniping ginos.

No Wall or Garage Door Necessary!


Want to practice another sport besides hockey? Snipers Edge has you covered. With the versatile practice net you can hone in your skills for virtually any sport involving a ball or puck.


The Crocbox is the ultimate sports practice net. This versatile sports practice net combines ease of use with convenience with the ability to all but disappear, and is ready to go in under 45 seconds. Constructed from high-quality U.S. steel means it’s built to last season after season.

Sport Function Benefits
Hockey Shooting Net Practice wrist shot, slap shot or pair with the Passmaster and practice your one timer
Golf  Shooting Net Practice your long and mid-range golf shot 
Lacrosse Shooting  Net Work on shooting and passing skills
Baseball Hitting Net Hit from a tee or soft toss and also works as a pitching backstop
Softball Pitching  Net Practice throwing mechanics, pitching techniques as well as hitting skills
Field Hockey Shooting Net Improve your shooting and passing skills


Finally, there’s a practice net solution for all of your family’s sports.



Durable: Constructed from U.S. made steel and powder coated to avoid rust & corrosion. After proper installation, this revolutionary sports net will serve you for years to come. 

Invisible: Once installed, the CrocBox virtually disappears. Lying in wait, all year, season after season, ready for you to practice whenever you want. You can even mow over it.

Versatile: Replace all of the clunky sports nets in your yard with the easiest sports net on the market. The CrocBox is designed for use with virtually every sport involving a ball or puck.  You name the sport, and yes, you can practice it with this revolutionary sports practice net!

After a simple installation, the CrocBox is the easiest and most durable sports practice net on the market.