Hyper Glide Hockey Skills Trainer

One of the World's Hottest Selling Hockey Training Aids

One of the biggest skills that elevates young hockey players above their opponents and team mates is their ability to control the puck.  By being able to catch passes cleanly and fire quick one-timers in the slot, scoring chances and goal totals increase.  The Hyper Glide Skills Trainer combines some of the best off-ice stickhandling training aids on the market with a Sniper's Ice Hockey Shooting Pad so you can practice your passing skills on a surface that mimics the slick feel of real ice.  You can also develop a rocket fast and accurate shot and one-timer.  The Bronze Hockey Passing Kit includes a 28” x 52” Sniper's Ice Hockey Shooting Pad, the PassMaster™ Puck Passer and One-Timer, and the Green Biscuit Stickhandling Puck.

  • The following items are included with this package:


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