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Speed Pack

Don't Blink

  • The SpeedPack includes:

    Speed Ball - The Speed Ball is lighter than a puck and enables the player to practice stickhandling movements at a speed that they would not normally be able to do with something heavier or even the weight of a puck.

    Speed Puck - The Speed Puck enables the player to increase hand quickness/speed and perform at 'game speed and intensity'. With a weight of 3.4oz (0.21 lbs.), this puck has very little resistance, simulating a traditional puck's drag across the ice (even though it is an off-ice puck).  Use it on any hard surface (i.e. concrete, asphalt, tile, wood, etc.) and watch how quickly you're able to stickhandle around oppenents.

  • Speed Pack

    Use it at home in the driveway or on any other hard, smooth surface.

    Great pre-game warm-up tool!



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