Stickhandling Ball - Swedish Wood Ball



There is a reason why the European players are known for their stickhandling creativity and awesome moves. North American players finally figured out the secret and copied the the Swedish players who used wooden balls to practice their stickhandling. At first, the North American players tried to use golf balls instead, but soon realized that the bounce of golf balls wasn't a good simulation of the puck.

The Swedish Wood Stickhandling Ball develops superb feel and soft hands allowing you to master the moves you need to dangle around any defenseman.


  • This lightweight 2 inch diameter ball develops extremely soft, quick hands.
  • The wood is amazingly durable and can be used on all surfaces, such as wood, tile, concrete, asphalt and even carpet!
  • Use this ball 10-15 minutes a day and improve your ability to handle the puck and make unbelievable moves.

Throw one in your bag and warm up before every game and soon you'll be an assist leader and lighting the lamp.

Sold as individual unit or in a pack of 3 with vinyl carrying bag, so buy 1, 3, or 100!