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Tips for Evaluating Your Season

March 04, 2015

The hockey season is a long one, and as we all know, the months dedicated to coaches and fellow teammates always have their share of ups and downs.  Winning streaks, loosing streaks, bag skates, injuries, heart-breaking loses and exciting game-winning goals. The hockey season is always emotional, much like riding an out of control roller coaster. Often times however, lost in the long season is the list of personal goals, and hopefully you set some for the year. Top athletes and experts will agree that in order for a player to reach their full potential they have to set goals, train with a purpose and possess and mindset of getting better every day.  However to train with a purpose, you...

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Hockey Skills In The Great Outdoors

February 22, 2015

On a clear California night it was quite an outdoor hockey game between the LA Kings and San Jose Sharks that took place just after dusk. Although it was a long way from the State of Hockey here Minnesota, it felt exactly the same. Words like “fun”, “cool” and “awesome” were used by NHL players to describe how they felt playing hockey outdoors in a MLB ballpark in front of more than 70,000 fans and a February moon.  Listening to players talk about their excitement for the game brought me back to my own experiences playing hockey outdoors and developing my hockey skills at local parks and on frozen ponds. It was at these parks and ponds where I really...

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Tournament Time: Are You A Big Game Player?  

February 17, 2015

By Lance Pitlick Whether it’s a mid-season tournament or end of the year playoffs, when hockey teams are faced with a ‘win or go home’ scenario the anticipation, excitement and adrenaline are always running at peak levels. The big question is, how are these emotions managed and how do they translate into your play on the ice? It’s amazing to me to see how players react when the stage keeps getting bigger and bigger. Some players simply have the uncanny ability to keep bringing the magic that it takes to win.  These players super-size everything, have ice running through their veins and never seem to get rattled, regardless of how big of a pressure cooker the situation is.  It almost...

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