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Hockey Flooring Tiles- What are the benefits?

Slick Tiles - What are the benefits?

Off-ice hockey trainingWhen you talk to the best players at every level of hockey, they will tell you the same thing. Whether it is a top player from youth hockey, high school, college, juniors, the minors or the NHL, you will hear the same thing. This is that their training does not stop when they step off the ice and take off their skates. At all these levels, one of the best ways to train on dry land is through Hockey Slick Tiles.  Read more


Why Choose Synthetic Ice

Why Synthetic Ice? 

Off-ice hockey trainingFor years, hockey players have taken to backyard rinks and frozen ponds in the winter to play and practice when they couldn’t be at the rink. Nowadays though, hockey is a year-round sport and is played all over North America and Europe in every type of climate. Because of this, hockey enthusiasts had to come up with a new way to replicate real hockey conditions to play on when ice time is not available. So, what is the answer hockey people came up with? Synthetic Ice. Read more