Hockey Shooting Tarp



The Shooting Tarp is our cornerstone product, and prerequisite for any hockey training space! Made from heavy-duty, UV coated vinyl, the shooting tarp can be used indoors or outdoors, provides excellent target practice, built to be easy to retrieve pucks, and can also protect your walls, windows, and garage doors! Available in two different sizes (8' H x 16' W or 7' H x 16' W), depending on your ceiling heights. Play a game of Around the World, PIG, Follow the Leader, Rapid Fire, or create your own. Sure to last for the 50,000 shots that are required for you to make it to the pros! 

Product Features

- The 5-pocket design challenges your player to increase your accuracy in realistic scoring areas while collecting pucks for easy retrieval.

- Hang or mount your tarp in your garage, basement, backyard, or training area

- Includes bungees for rolling up and storing your tarp when not in use

Technical Specs

- Available in two sizes: 7' H x 16' W (2.1m x 4.9m) and 8' H x 16' W (2.4m x 4.9m).

- The tarps weigh 20 pounds (9kg) and 23 pounds (10.4kg), respectively.

- Constructed with high-quality, white vinyl and UV-protective coating

See the Shooting Tarp in Action

Perfect Training Partner

Whether you're working on wristers, snap shots, in-tight shots, or backhands, the shooting tarp is ready. Built to last your 10,000 puck challenge this year, and for years to come.

Where do you Train?

Garage or basement. Indoor or outdoor. At home or the rink. The shooting tarp is ready to be painted black with puck marks.

Installation Video


What's the best way to install the Shooting Tarp?

The tarp may be installed to either your wall or ceiling, depending on your personal preference or room design. In both cases, please note that the tarp is designed with grommets along the top, spaced every 24 inches, that enables installation

Wall installation: for best results, we recommend attaching a 2 x 4 wood beam to backside of the top of the tarp. Next, install shelf brackets along your wall, ideally into the wall studs. Then, fasten the 2 x 4 to the wall brackets, such that the tarp surface can hang 12-18 inches in front of the wall when fully installed.

For ceiling installation: some customers attach to studs in the ceiling using bungees or another suspension system. The length of bungee will depend on ceiling height, of course. Bungees may fit directly into the grommets along the top. Alternatively, you can attach a 2 x 4 wood beam to the backside of the top, or fasten the top to a pole using zip-ties, and then connecting your beam or pole to the bungees or suspension system.

We've seen hundreds of unique ways to install our Tarps over the years. It all depends on your area and the options and space available to you.

Please see our installation video below for more ideas!

How far away from the wall should the Tarp hang?

12-18 inches. This gives the Tarp room to move back from the impact of hard shots without hitting your wall behind it.

What is the sleeve at the bottom for?

The sleeve at the bottom is for inserting a wooden dowel or something similar to help keep pucks from sliding underneath.

Can I put a custom logo on my Tarp?

Yes! Contact us to learn about customization options and cost!

California Prop 65 Disclaimer

This product may contain raw materials known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.