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Protect your house, garage door, backyard, and more with our largest product. A massive size, if you can hit the broad side of a barn, you can hit the Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp. If you can’t hit the broad side of the barn, well, we sell pucks separately and you should probably stock up. Because you are going to need to practice. In any case, the Shooting Tarp is durable enough to hold up to NHL’ers shots, hockey associations, and guaranteed for up to 50,000 pucks. 

Product Features


Made with the best poly and stitching, the Sniper’s Edge Tarp is guaranteed to last. It can take the hardest shots, absorb the best pucks, and still be ready for more.


The 5-pocket design challenges you to work on your accuracy and skill. The back pocket design makes for retrieving pucks quick and easy.

Easy to Install

Hang from the wall or ceiling in your garage, basement, backyard or training area. Purchase with our installation kit (or do it yourself), and follow our online installation instructions.


Weighing only 20lbs, many have tried to duplicate, but none can master the quality and durability that the Sniper’s Edge Tarp delivers.

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