Dryland Hockey Slick Tiles - Red or Dark Blue



Give your home training area the authentic look with red or dark blue from Sniper's Edge Hockey! The puck slides across the slick tiles with ease, protect your floor, and create a great surface for shooting, passing, stickhandling. Each tile measures 12" by 12", allowing for easy measurement and configuration. Each box comes with 10 tiles, creating 10SF per box, so you can create lines or a goalie crease in minutes!  

These slick tiles are not skateable (but if you're looking for that, please see synthetic ice listing), but versatile enough to use with pucks, biscuits or balls, and with shoes, barefoot or inline skates. With the simple loop and clip technology, the slick tiles easily snap into place, or can be removed easily to repurpose your room if needed.  

Product Features

- Each box contains ten 12" by 12" (2.54 cm x 2.54) tiles that create a training space of 10 SQ FT

- Pucks, biscuits, or balls slide effortlessly like they would on real ice

- Simple interlocking hook and loop design that's both easy to install and simple to disassemble

- 1x1 squares make it easy to create fit every training area

- Best results on a hard, flat surface

- No messy sprays or cleaning is required. Just the ocassional pushbroom.

- Can support vehicle weight if someone drives or parks on

- Made in USA

Technical specs

- Each tile is 12" by 12" (2.54 cm x 2.54)

- Injected molded from specialty engineered HDPE materials

- Each box includes 10 tiles, and weighs ~10 pounds

California Prop 65 disclaimer

This product may contain raw materials known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.

Installation Video