Backyard Goal


Get outside this spring while you train with the Backyard Goal by Snipers Edge. Perfect for the driveway, backyard, or anywhere you want to put pucks on net. This regulation sized net (4' x 6' or 180cm x 120cm) is constructed of a steel frame that snaps together in seconds and durable enough to withstand shots without denting, yet light enough to carry from garage or shed to wherever you want to shoot. The netting strength is ideal for youth players still developing their shots, and takes some set-up time to weave and connect properly, but before long your player will be outside ripping shots while improving power, accuracy, and release. 

Pair with an Ultimate Goalie or Shooting Pad to create training center at home! 

Product Features

- Increase your shot power and accuracy

- Heavy duty steel construction but lightweight and mobile

- Red and White powder coating for realistic look

- Assembly Difficulty: Easy

- Assembly Time: 60 minutes

Technical Specs

- Regulation Size Goal (4'x6')

- Roughly 60 lbs.

- Durable enough to take on plenty of shots but lightweight enough to carry to the backyard

- Quick frame assembly and easy to string

Fire Away

Regulation size and lightweight so you can get proper practice anywhere you can bring your net. Perfect for the backyard, the driveway, or even take it down to the outdoor rink to get your shots in.