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As a hockey player, one skill that is talked about a lot, but practiced very little is the art of how to steal the puck from the opposition. There aren’t any stickhandling drills that help with this skill set, but it comes down to two simple concepts: getting to the puck fast and winning battles. Let’s dive into this a little deeper.

Hockey is a sport of possession. If you have the puck more than the other team, the odds of you winning the game are much greater. Basic hockey drills that focus on passing will help your team control the puck for longer periods of time. But, what happens when the other team has the puck? Here are four tips on how to regain possession as quickly as possible:

  1. Take Away Time and Space – At a very young age, coaches introduce novice hockey drills that work on taking away time and space. This includes any drill that starts with one player having the puck and another player trying to steal it. You get to the player quickly, forcing them to make decisions faster than expected, which can result in turnovers. 
  1. Stick on Puck – This is a concept that inhibits easy passes. When approaching a player with the puck, the fore-checker has the stick on the ice, clogging up passing lanes. Once you reach the player, the stick is now used to poke check the puck where possession is lost.
  1. Engage into a Board Battle – A lot of games are won or lost in a board battle. The key to winning these battles is to gain inside position on the player, where your body is between the puck and the opponent. Once you gain this position, your opponent has to go around you to get the puck back. Keep your feet moving and with a quick turn or two, you have won the battle.
  1. Go Into Stealth Mode – When you are chasing the player with the puck, try to get directly behind him so you’re out of his field of vision. With your feet moving, get close, lift the stick, breakup the play and steal the puck. 

Hockey is about puck possession and control. Work on both with Snipers Edge advanced selection of hockey passing aids.

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April 17, 2017 — Lance Pitlick

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