Hockey Shooting Pads



Hockey Shooting Pads - Large (30" x 60") is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Hockey Shooting Pad is the perfect platform for ripping shots at the net all day. Easy to carry with you, and drop down on any surface to practice stickhandling, shooting, or passing on a slick surface that protects your stick. The beveled edge makes it simple to slide the puck on and off the edge, making retrieval a breeze. Made in USA with UV-coated HDPE materials. With the shooting pad, you can become more accurate, stronger, and you’ll score more goals.
Product Features

- Two different size options to fit your shooting area or increase your stickhandling range

- Slick smooth surface creates a realistic shooting and stickhandling experience

- Beveled edge helps get pucks into the shooting zone

- Protect your sticks from rough surfacesUse inside, on the driveway or in the yard. Or load into the car and take with you to a tailgate or out of own tourney

Technical Specs

- Available in two sizes: Small (24" x 48" / 61cm x 122cm), and Large (30" x 60" / 76.2 cm x 152.4 cm).

- Products weight 7.6 and 15 pounds, respectively.

Its all in the details

The laser cut handle allows for easy mobility to your shooting spot and the signature beveled edges make getting pucks back on a breeze.