There is no doubt that the NHL Playoffs are a brand of hockey that fans just can’t get enough of. The speed, intensity, skill and physical play is at an entirely different level compared to most regular season games. After all, a teams’ back is up against the wall, and an entire season is made or broken in just seven short games.

We have a great idea for youth hockey players who are glued to the TV watching the NHL Playoffs. Yes, there is much to be learned by carefully watching every player on the ice. What are players doing with the puck that can teach you a new move or two? What are the players doing away from the puck that can teach you the importance of what to do, or where to be, when you don’t have possession of the puck? Also carefully watching defensive play and positioning; many games have already been won and lost in these playoffs by defensive play.

And there have been many great goals, amazing passes and downright dirty dangles in these playoffs. And these are the inspiring moments when fans jump out of their seats and off their couches to celebrate. Players should use these awesome moments to inspire them to shoot more pucks.

Most players have dozens of pucks just waiting to be used in their basement and garage. Between periods of these NHL Playoff games is a great time to use the excitement of the game to fuel your energy to become a better passer, stickhandler and shooter.

Rather than sitting around between periods this NHL Playoff season, use that 15 or 20 minutes to shoot 100 pucks, stickhandle or make 200 passes to your PassMaster. If you did this prior to each game, as well as between periods and after the game, you are going to increase your skill level and become a better hockey player.

Use the inspiration of an incredible goal, great pass or an awesome deke to improve your own game! And remember always work hard and dream bigger than everyone else! 




April 28, 2015 — Lance Pitlick

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