Check out the incredible Chad Johnson Memorial Shooting Room by Snipers Edge in Grand Forks, North Dakota! Complete with 4 custom shooting tarps featuring two standup goalies and two butterfly goalies, players in the Grand Forks Youth Hockey Association will have a professional grade place to work on their game!

Know of a rink or association that could use a setup like this?

Shoot us an email at to get started on building your own custom training space like this! Custom tarps, flooring, and training tools are all available to build your dream practice space.

Want to create your own custom hockey shooting room at home?

Here are some shooting tools to help you get started.
- Hockey Shooting Tarp:
Perfect for target practice, the shooting tarp is heavy-duty and ready for thousands of shots.
- Snipers Edge Hockey Slick Tiles:
The Snipers Edge Hockey Slick Tiles create a slick surface anywhere in your home that's made to feel like real ice. Great for stickhandling, shooting, passing, and more, this is the perfect surface for your dryland training. 

October 06, 2022 — Connor Beaupre
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