Dryland Hockey Tiles vs Hockey Shooting Pads

The best way to get better as a hockey player is to train. When you are on the ice, it is easy to work on all the skating and stick skills you need to develop your game. Just because practice ends though, does not mean you have to stop working on the skills that will make you unstoppable on the ice. The best way to do this is to replicate real rink conditions as closely as you can while doing off-ice training. There are two main ways to do this. One is by using Dryland Hockey Tiles, the other is by using Hockey Shooting Pads. While both these training tools will help replicate the on-ice experience, there are some differences between the two products. Here we will compare Dryland Hockey Tiles vs Hockey Shooting Pads. 

Hockey Tiles


Dryland Hockey Tiles

These 12” by 12” tiles easily connect to form as big or as small of a replica ice surface as you need. They use cutting edge materials that allow you to handle the puck just like on real or synthetic ice. You can even add Red/Blue Line Slick Tile Dryland Flooring Tiles to make your off-ice training area look and feel just like a real sheet of ice. They easily assemble in seconds and come in White or Ice Blue. 


Hockey Shooting Pads

These pads simulate the smooth, slick feeling of ice so you can work on your passing, shooting, and stick handling skills at home. They will also protect the blade of your expensive stick from getting chewed up by the concrete or asphalt in your driveway or basement. The mats are extremely durable and are designed with a beveled edge to make it easy to get pucks up and onto the mat. It also comes in a range of sizes and they all have a handle which makes it easy to pick up and carry your mat.


Which is Better? 

Both these are great products for off-ice training so, unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this. It really comes down to the space you have available and your training needs and goals. If you have a lot of space available in one location, the Dryland Hockey Tiles are ideal because you can convert as much space as you want by adding more. These tiles are also ideal for stickhandling drills because they give you a lot of room to move around which will allow you to train your stickhandling like you are on a real rink. 


The Hockey Shooting Pad has its advantages as well though. The pad will give you a great off0ice surface if you are short on space or have multiple spaces you may train in because of its size and portability. It is also better for shooting drills because you can move it as far from the goal or target as you want without having to cover all the space in-between. 


Pro Tip: For either of these products using new pucks is tough because they are still a little “sticky” and don’t slide that well. For the best results, you can use either game-used pucks or specialized off-ice training pucks designed specifically with these surfaces in mind. 



No matter which product you choose, both Dryland Hockey Tiles and Hockey Shooting Pads are amazing products for hockey players that are serious about their games and want to be able to work on their craft even when they are no able to skate.

December 23, 2019 — SEO Team

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