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Everyone wants to be the one to put the puck in the back of the net but, truth be told, the type of player that every great player wants to play with is a great passer. Being able to thread a long, cross-ice pass through the defense or perfectly set up a quick one-timer are skills that will get you far in the game of hockey.  

Tricks to become a better passer

When thinking about how to become a better passer, there are a few things you can do. You need to skate with your head up to see your teammates and have a pass-first mindset when carrying the puck. 

In addition to these general things, there are a few specific tricks you can use to become a better passer. Practicing these specific tricks during training will ultimately make them second nature. One of the best ways to do this is with a hockey passing trainer like the PassMaster. When you use a hockey passing trainer like this, you want to focus on the three following areas. 

Keep the puck on the ice

There is nothing worse than a bouncing puck. They will bounce over your teammate’s stick and cause turnovers and will be near impossible for a shooter to control on a one-timer. To practice keeping the puck on the ice, whether training on ice or dry land, you want to keep the blade of your stick low so you do not get any lift. You also want to roll your wrists. This will keep the blade of your stick closed so the puck will not flip up. 

For training purposes, in addition to working with a hockey passing trainer, you also want to use specialized training pucks to develop proper technique, better speed and faster hands as you work on your overall passing. 

Cupping the puck 

Passing the puck from your stick to another is just one aspect of passing. Being able to receive a pass well is also important. To do this, cupping your stick and accepting the puck gently is key. This is the best part of working with a hockey passing trainer during your dryland training. Not only does it give you a target to pass too, but it also passes back allowing players to practice receiving passes better as well. 

Pass to the perfect point

No matter the situation, you want to send your teammate the most accurate pass possible. If your teammate is stationary, ready to shoot or pass on, you want to be able to hit them right on the tape of the stick. If they are in motion, skating down the ice, you want to be able to hit a spot just far enough in front of them that they can skate into the pass without breaking stride. 

In order to achieve either of these feats, you need to perfect your accuracy. Hockey passing trainers are relatively small which will help you become better able to hit smaller and smaller spots as you develop. This will go a long way towards boosting your passing accuracy. 


A hockey passing trainer will help turn you or your young hockey player into the passing machine that everyone wants to play with. Developing this skill will not only help a player’s overall game but also make them an in-demand player on any team in the world. 

November 07, 2019 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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