Training at Home – Essential Hockey Training Gear Every Player Needs
Coach Pitlick here and I hope you all had a Happy New Year? The start of a new year
generally gets people thinking about changes they may want to make in their life.
Some may want to workout more and improve their diet. If you’re a hockey player,
the only thing you want to do more of in 2018 than you did in 2017 is score more
A large number of the players, who have that objective, make a major mistake. They
wish or hope for more goals, but other than that, their weekly routine doesn’t
change. People wish for lots of things and sometimes you get it and other times you
I bet if you think of something that you set as an objective years ago, and achieved it,
I’m pretty confident that you did things different to reach the final destination. If it
was something that needed money to purchase, you probably worked and saved for
months. Thinking about what it would be like to have it until the moment you had
enough money to make it your own.
If you want to score more goals, you have to do more. History has proved that the
most prolific point producers ever, had spent a considerable amount of time
shooting pucks or stickhandling off-ice throughout their career, especially at the
youth level. Patrick Kane is in a lot of the USA Hockey training videos before he
moved to the NHL.
Getting those extra stick handling and shooting reps off-ice is so important. Studies
have shown that during a 60-minute hockey game, players possess the puck for
roughly 1 minute. That’s not enough puck touches if you want to be someone that is
regularly lighting the lamp. You’ll need to set up an area somewhere at your house,
in the basement, garage or backyard to work on improving your shooting accuracy
and stickhandling dangles.
You’ll need some hockey training products for this type of development. A Snipers
Edge Shooting Tarp will challenge your accuracy and protect your walls at the same
time. Stickhandling and shooting off of concrete will destroy the bottom of your
stick very quickly. It’s a good idea to get a shooting mat or create a larger area using
the Slick Tiles Hockey Flooring.
One of my favorite hockey training aids is the versatile SweetHands stick handling
trainer. There are so many drills that can be done with this product. I love that it
can be reconfigured into 2 four foot units for competition races between with a
sibling or friend.
If you have an early in the year birthday, ask for some great hockey training gifts.
A PassMaster, Attack Triangle or Green Biscuit are fantastic aids that will complete

your at home hockey training sanctuary. Thanks for stopping by, and Remember to
Work Hard and Dream Bigger than Everyone Else!!
Coach Pitlick
January 12, 2018 — Jason S

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