Is Practice a Good Time to Work on Your Shot?

May 02, 2022 — Andrew Blaylock

Sniper’s Edge Hockey to Sponsor AAA Tournament Series

Sniper’s Edge Hockey is proud to announce its title sponsorship of an innovative and new AAA hockey tournament series, hosted by some of the top programs in Minnesota. The tournament...
March 31, 2022 — David Shuler
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Interview with CEO David Shuler on The Hockey Journey podcast, hosted by Lance Pitlick

David Shuler, CEO of Sniper’s Edge Hockey, recently sat down with our good friend Lance Pitlick as part of his newly launched “The Hockey Journey” podcast series. Lance is the...
March 16, 2022 — David Shuler
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Highlights from 2022 Let's Play Hockey Expo

Check out all of the highlights from our trip to the 2022 Let's Play Hockey Expo below!  
March 15, 2022 — Justin Tolle

Sniper’s Edge Hockey to Exhibit at Let’s Play Hockey Expo on March 11-12, 2022

Sniper’s Edge Hockey, Inc is proud to exhibit at the upcoming Let’s Play Hockey Expo on March 11-12, 2022 at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Expo coincides with...
March 04, 2022 — David Shuler
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Hockey at Home

HOCKEY AT HOME The past few years have been filled with unknowns. From lockdowns to mandates, the world has become a tumultuous boxing match for, well, everyone. And, as it...
January 19, 2022 — Amy Budde
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CEO David Shuler shares his thoughts on hockey training products with the Overtime Hockey Podcast

David Shuler, CEO of Sniper's Edge Hockey, recently joined Minnesota high school hockey enthusiast Pete Waggoner of Youth Sports Plus for Episode 30 of his Overtime Hockey podcast (link below). The...
December 01, 2021 — David Shuler
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Searching for the Best Hockey Gifts for Your Champion? Check Out Our Top 5 Ideas!

There is no better time than now to start shopping for your loved ones. Get a jump start on the season and get your gear while it is still available....
November 19, 2021 — Amy Budde
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Women’s Hockey Blog

“It’s for the dream, not the money”. We don’t move across the world, uproot our careers, families, leave good jobs, to make money. We don’t practice before the sunrises in...
November 19, 2021 — Amy Budde
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Why Choose Synthetic Ice

Why Buy Synthetic Ice? The popularity of synthetic ice has skyrocketed in the last few years. Since it made its first appearance in the early 1960s, developers have been teaming...
November 10, 2021 — Michelle Deleva

Backyard Rink: Tricks, Tips and Lessons Learned

Anyone who has built a backyard rink, or has a friend or neighbor who does, knows that while building a rink is no simple feat, it provides tremendous joy and...
October 30, 2021 — David Shuler
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Making the Right Team for You

October 07, 2021 — Amy Budde
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