Stickhandling Ball - Skillz Ball


The  Skillz Ball weighs just less than a puck. The Skillz stickhandling ball is ideal for working on the correct stickhandling form and technique. Stickhandling is one of those basic hockey skills that require thousands of repetitions to perfect. And it is the training concept that repetition builds "muscle memory", so that once your muscles remember how to do something then they are able to react instinctively.

And having an off-ice ball to practice stickhandling with that does not bounce around on a hard surface and has the feel of a puck is a great hockey training aid.

  • Similar weight as a puck.
  • Helps develop proper stickhandling technique using the top hand wrist-roll
  • Can be used on all surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, asphalt, or carpet.
  • Made from highly durable HDPE material.
  • Great pre-game warm-up tool!

Sold as individual unit or in a pack of 3 with vinyl carrying bag, so buy 1, 3, or 100!

Also sold as a 4-pack with Muscle Ball, Ice Ball and Speed Ball.