Muscle Ball - Weighted Stickhandling Ball


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Muscle Ball - Weighted Stickhandling Ball

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$15.97 USD

$19.99 USD
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Get Strength and Power in Your Game!

The Muscle Stickhandling Ball is much heavier than the standard 6oz. hockey puck, this allows players to refine their stickhandling moves and techniques by forcing  them to do it slower. Weighing approximately 4 -times that of a hockey puck the Muscle Ball will not only improve your stickhandling techniques it will also strengthen your wrists, allowing you to stickhandle even quicker.

After practicing with the MuscleBall, stickhandling quickly with a regulation puck becomes much easier.


  • 4 times the weight of a puck (18.85 oz).
  • Designed to help players develop the hand and wrist strength needed to become a stellar stickhanlder.
  • Can be used on all surfaces including: wood, tile, concrete, asphalt, or carpet.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Great pre-game warm-up tool!
  • After stickhandling with the Muscle Ball stickhandling with a puck feels like a feather