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Sniper's Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp Ice Hockey Shooting Drills

Below are 6 different hockey drills designed to help you improve your shot power, accuracy and quickness; and they are drills you can do with the Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp.  The difficulty of the drills range from beginner to advanced, so there are examples of shooting drills you can practice no matter what skill level you’re at, and how you're looking to improve your shooting game.

The Sniper’s Edge Hockey products used in the hockey shooting drill videos include: the Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp, Slick Tiles (Dryland Flooring Tiles), and 50 regulation hockey pucks

1.) Beginner Shooting Drill – (quickness & accuracy)

In this drill you will fake to your backhand and pull the puck to your forehand, releasing a quick shot on net, using the defender (represented in the video by the hockey stick and folding chair). This will catch goalies off-guard in games if you can become an expert at this drill.

2.) Beginner Backhand Shooting Drill

Similar to the shooting drill above, in this drill you will fake to your forehand and move the puck to your backhand, releasing a backhand shot on net.

3.) Backhand Shooting Drill 

In this drill you will have pucks in a line. You will start at the puck closest to the tarp and move back a puck each time after you fire a backhand shot on goal. This is designed to help improve every aspect of your backhand shot (power, accuracy & quickness).

4.) In-Tight Hockey Scoring Drill

In this drill you have pucks placed right in front of the tarp and will try and flip the pucks into the top corners of the tarp. This is a great goal scoring drill for forwards, and simulates receiving a rebound in front of the opponents net during a game.

5.) Hockey Scoring Drill - Backhand

Another great drill for forwards to practice their close-up rebound shots. In this drill you will have pucks placed right in front of the tarp and quickly pull them to your backhand, attempting to put them in the top corners.

6.) Hockey Scoring Rebound Drill

Improve your hockey shooting speed and accuracy. In this drill you will place pucks in front of the tarp and alternate using your forehand and backhand, attempting to put the pucks in the top corners of the Hockey Shooting Tarp.