Hockey Shooting Targets


Become a true sniper with the ultimate Hockey Shooting Targets! Contains three 10" x 10" square targets, printed with Snipers Edge logo, on heavy-duty UV-protected vinyl material. Targets connected to bungee cord that easily connects to any regulation goal, and can be moved to any height to allow player to test their accuracy. Lightweight, tucks away into a hockey bag, attaches in seconds, and can be used on or off the ice. Instantly creates a fun shooting station for your player, either at home or practice!

California Prop 65 disclosure: this product may contain raw materials known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.

Attach Your Way

Top corners, low corners, across the middle, or any other configuration to improve your accuracy, the bungee system allows you to set it up your way.

Installation Video