SKABOOTS are the world’s best walkable skate guards. The boot-like soles provide amazing walking stability and excellent traction on any surface, all while protecting your skate blades and your surroundings.

The unique Velcro strap design allows players of all ages to take on and off with ease: Just step into the boot, secure the strap, and you’re good to go!

SKABOOTS are an essential hockey product for players and families that allow you to walk from the house or warming hut to the car, indoor rink or outdoor rink with ease without fear of slipping or losing a guard in a snowbank.

Product Features

- Increased width and size and boot-like soles allows for increased walking stability, traction and mobility.

- Skaboots are perfect for the backyard rink or pond. Put skates on in the house and then head outside. For a quick break, kids can simply put their Skaboots back on and walk into the house.No more cold, wet feet while changing from boots to skates and back!

- Make it possible to break in skates off the ice, or for beginners to become better-acclimated to being on skates while away from the rink.

- One Skaboots size fits several different sizes of skates, so children can use them for several years as they grow into different skate sizes.


SkaBoots size    Skate Size

S                           Youth 6-13

M                           Adult 1-4

L                            Adult 5-9.5

XL                          Adult 10-13

Why they're awesome

  • Protects skate blades, floors, and car seats
  • Walk on carpet, tile, hardwood floors, or concrete!
  • Straps in seconds
  • Multiple sizes for skaters of any age
  • Works for hockey skates or figure skates
  • Great traction on parking lots, icy sidewalks, and over snowbanks
  • Tie skates in the house before walking to the pond or backyard rink
  • If you need to carpool and want to dress your player at home
  • If you want to wear skates while hockey training in the garage or inside the house


Which size do I need?

There are 4 different sizes - reference this chart to see which ones will fit your skates!

SKABOOTS size    Skate Size

S                           Youth 6-13

M                           Adult 1-4

L                            Adult 5-9.5

XL                          Adult 10-13

How do I assemble the strap?

Each new pair of SKABOOTS comes with two Velcro straps - one for each boot, of course.

With the furry side facing down, thread the non-buckle side through the side flap (from inside to outside), then underneath the boot, then back through the flap on the other side. Trim the excess strap if desired. And voila!

Please do NOT attempt to put the buckle through the flap...that's how flaps break.

How long is the product expected to last?

SKABOOTS have been manufactured for years and proven to be durable and high-quality. With proper use, the SKABOOTS should last for years.

Expect normal wear and tear on the straps just as you would skate laces. When they reach the breaking point, please know that we sell replacement straps too.

Please avoid excessive tugging outwards, as that will put pressure on the small holes that secure the strap.

That said, if your product arrives damaged or with a manufacturing defect, please notify us by sending a photo to, and we will gladly replace the product.