Fast Hands Stickhandling Trainer

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Designed by Skills Coaches for Skills Coaches and Players Squirt level and above, the Fast Hands hockey stickhandling trainer is one of the most versatile hockey stick handling aids on the market today. Fast Hands is the first fixed-shape training tool used to develop fast and accurate puck handling skills. The angles and dimensions of Fast Hands are set at the ideal measurements for height, length, width, and weight for developing fine motor skills in the wrist, forearm and shoulder.

Perfect for practicing drills/ moves such as: Expansion of Reach, Figure 8's, Quick Stick, Soft Touch, Wide Dribble, Bait Cup Go Around, Toe Drag Deception, and more! Start improving your stickhandling skills today AND become an extreme dangler!  


* Made of steel & built to Last in the USA.

* Powder Coated 1” x 0.83” Steel Tubing.

* Numbered for Pattern Drills. 

* Helps Improve all aspects of Stick Handling.

* Can be used with any type of puck or stickhandling ball.

* No assembly required

* Dimensions: 30"x 22"


Limited quantity of these are still available, so get yours today! 

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