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March 22, 2017


Sweethands Training Drill #1 - Straight Straddle Forward/Backward

A great hockey training drill for tracking improvement. Time yourself, so you can see your improvement. Ready. Set. Go.

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The Five Characteristics of a Great Hockey Leader

 If you have ever watched the NHL network nightly recap show “On the Fly,” you’ll repeatedly hear the analysts refer to players as great leaders. Often, these...

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Hockey Training Drill using a Bosu Ball

  Hockey training drill focusing on balance, core strength, dribbling under pressure, and body awareness all while balancing on a Bosu Ball.

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Speed Skills - Skate Faster with These Pro Hockey Tips

  As a long-time hockey skills coach, I get asked by parents all the time about how their son or daughter can increase their skating speed.  I do a lot of...

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How to Take a Snapshot in Hockey

  Scoring goals is something every hockey player strives for each time they are on the ice. Shooting the hockey puck can be accomplished...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Shot Accuracy

  If you ask hockey players why they play hockey, they usually come back with the reply, “because it’s fun!” The part of hockey that ranks #1 in the fun factor category is...

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Ice Hockey Tips and Hockey Skills: Making a Perfect Saucer Pass


The saucer pass is a passing technique used in ice hockey where one player elevates the puck off the ice, through the air, to another player.   The goal is to ....

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