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So you have a hockey player that's shown a real passion for the sport. You are a parent who wants to help your hockey hopeful along the way, but don't know where to start? I would like to give you some information that you may find useful when seeking a competitive advantage for your player.

First, you have to understand how a youth hockey associations structure ice-time allocation. For the youngest levels, Initiation, Mite, Novice age groups 5-8 years old, they will be given 1-3 hours of ice per week. For the Atom, Squirt and Pee Wee age groups, 9-12 years old, they will typically get 3-5 hours per week. For all remaining older levels, teams are on the ice most days, getting 4-6 days off per month.

At the younger levels, there's a small group of kids who want more. Parents will look for ways to feed that hunger for additional instruction. They will schedule time on a skating treadmill, working with a technical stick handling or shooting instructor and look for before school on ice opportunities. In many cases, it is difficult to get in because there are so few opening, or it just doesn't fit into your son or daughter's schedule. What can you do?

Create your own at home stick handling and shooting facility in your garage or basement. It is available for use 24 hours a day where your player can get those extra repetitions that will soon separate that hard working individual from the rest of their peers. Here are the recommendations of the top hockey training products that I tell the parents of players I work with, that are interested in setting up an area at their home.

Young kids tend to spray the puck around when shooting, so the Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp is the perfect solution to protect walls from missed hockey shots. The five openings also will challenge the player to increase shooting accuracy.

Next, with the price of hockey sticks these days, you do not want to stick-handle or shoot off of concrete or asphalt. This will very quickly ruin the bottom of the blade, and you will be out another $200-$300 for a replacement stick.

Getting an area of flooring is going to be money well spent. The Slick Tile Hockey Flooring will solve this issue. Make sure you get enough so your player can make stickhandling patterns moving forward, ending with a tight shot, and also backwards, ending with a hockey shot from far out.

When looking for additional hockey training products, focus on ones that can recreate off-ice, what regularly happens on the ice. The PassMaster Hockey Passer and Puck Rebounder brings on ice training right to your house. You can practice making passes, receiving passes and shooting one-timers off the pass.

Finally, with the holidays right around the corner and if you are considering great hockey gifts, you will want to look at the SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer. Because you have to lift your stick up and over the connecting arm when going through each opening, this will increase hand and blade quickness. There is an infinite number of drills or patterns that can be done with this hockey training aid; you just have to be creative and see what works.

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