Hockey truly is the Greatest Game on Earth. With the excitement surrounding March Madness and the road to the NCAA Final Four, the staff at Snipers Edge got together and assembled a list of why regular season hockey is still better than post season NCAA basketball.

  • In hockey the last 3 minutes doesn’t take 20 minutes, and there aren’t whistles every few seconds stopping play to watch the game be decided by who can make a free throw.
  • Skates sounds better on ice than squeaky sneakers do on a hardwood floor.
  • There isn’t a constant, annoying buzzing sound from the fans when the opposing team has possession.
  • In basketball a ‘hand check’ in the paint is a foul. In hockey a face wash in front of the net is considered soft.
  • In hockey when a goal is scored, a red light comes on, a loud horn sounds and the fans go crazy. In basketball when a basket is scored, it’s a polite clap with the same enthusiasm as the studio audience when Bob Barker announces the next contestant.

Agree? Tell us your reason why regular season hockey is better than post season NCAA Basketball!

March 21, 2015 — Lance Pitlick

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