A Valentine’s Day Love Letter to Hockey

I love hockey


The Red Line is Red,

The Blue Line is Blue,

I love everything about Hockey,

And if you’re reading this, I bet you do too!


It’s February and you know what that means. Love is in the air! I’m not talking about roses and candy and cupid though. I’m talking about the love of hockey! 

Approaching Valentine’s Day is the best time of the year for hockey. We are past the midseason mark at every level of the game and bearing down toward the playoffs. Plus, it is still cold enough outside in many hockey-crazy areas that the outdoor games on ponds and backyard rinks are in full effect. 

This time of year is also the time when we usually reflect on what we love about the game of hockey as well. So, what do you love most about the game? 

Is it the musty smell of the locker room, lacing your skates tight, and throwing tape balls at unsuspecting teammates? 

How about the feeling of sharp skates on rubber mats and stepping out to take those first strides on a freshly Zamboni’d sheet of ice? 

Or, is it the games themselves? Jumping over the boards to get into the action. Skating hard down the ice or slowly carrying the puck towards the opposite end.

I love Hockey

 And then, there is that feeling of winding up, taking a shot and seeing the puck hitting the back of the net! That is truly something to love.

 Maybe none of these things that happen at the rink are what you love the most about hockey. Maybe what you love the most happens away from the rink, in your back yard or driveway or basement. Those times when it is just you, your stick, and a ball or puck.

 No matter what you love most about the game of hockey, the thing we can all agree on as hockey-lovers is that all of these things add up to creating an amazing sport with an incredible history and culture that attracts great people to play it.

 So, while you wear your red sweater, chow down on chocolate, and pick out that perfect card for that special someone this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to save a special moment for the game you love and the people who love it as much as you do.

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February 12, 2020 — SEO Team

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