As we watched the summer Olympics and saw inspiring stories of athletes fulfilling their lifelong dreams, realizing their passions, and claiming their place as the pinnacle of athleticism. There was a gripping connection to the past traditions. When the flame faded, and the closing ceremonies eloquently bid goodbye to the world’s greatest athletes, we were left in awe. Left with our new dreams and inspirational heroes of the next generation. Like a bird flying south for the season, the back-to-school sales, and the leaves changing colors, the harbingers of a winter fast approaching. Enjoying the summer and trying new sports and activities is crucial to becoming a well-rounded, athlete.


Many players in the NHL golf, play tennis, softball, pickleball, and other activities in the summer. Developing skills in many different areas is great to increase your on-ice production. It improves your body control, gives your mind a break from hockey, allows you to stay active and have fun, make new connections, and then regroup and come back to the game. Now is the perfect time to focus before tryouts, and make the final push before the season. Six weeks of work at home and prepare you for the season and get you ready to succeed.


 A few simple ways that you can get ready for the season:

Improve your mind: watch hockey. It may seem simple, but immersing yourself in the game and watching someone in your position teaches you to have a greater hockey IQ. It teaches you trends in the game, the flow, and specifically how your position moves throughout different situations on the ice.

Improve your body: athletes can do a simple bodyweight circuit to promote injury prevention, strength, and stamina before the season gets into full swing. Doing something every day will help prepare your body for the strain of the season to come.


Here is a simple one to try on your own, no equipment needed! (You can add a kettlebell, medicine ball, or even a backpack filled with pucks if you want to make it harder) Check out our YouTube channel for a walkthrough of the workout!


3-5 Rounds, 10 reps each exercise, (each side when applicable)

  • Burpees with Push-up (Full Body)
  • Skater Jumps with a pause (reload) on landing (Lower Body and Balance)
  • Mountain Climbers, opposite knee to elbow (Abs)
  • Squat Jumps (Lower Body)
  • Spiderman Stretch with Twist (Full Body)
  • Single Leg Backwards Lunges (Lower Body and Abs)
  • Fire Hydrants (Hips)
  • Alternating Dead Bugs (Abs)

At Sniper’s Edge, we have products that will help you increase your strength and balance as well. For example, our Balance Board is a great tool to improve the muscles that you use during hockey. Another is our muscle ball or weighted pucks, to increase wrist strength and improve your shot. Mobility and stretching should be a part of your routine during the day.

Your Fundamentals: Starting with the simplest of drills and exercises, just focusing on getting a feel for the puck and stick again. Start off just stickhandling in the driveway for at least ten minutes a day, naturally will help you get back into the swing of it. We have a plethora of stickhandling and shooting drills to keep you challenged and help get you ready for the season. Check out our website for awesome training tools, like our PassMaster, Shooting Tarp, and
stickhandling aids like the Attack Triangle and Sweethands.

August 15, 2021 — Amy Budde

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