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There is no such thing as a hockey player that is too good at balancing. The Balance Board helps create leg strength, core stability, and power. The balance board is a great tool to improve overall athleticism, increase stamina, and have fun. Hockey is played at a very high pace, and being able to separate what our legs are doing from the rest of our bodies is something that all great players can do. With the Balance Board, so can you. 

Product Features


Develop awesome leg and core strength with the Sniper’s Edge Balance Board.


Simple two-piece design, the board can be used on either side for a different feel and challenge, and the roller can be used for recovery as well.


Made from high quality wood and other materials, this was designed to have multiple uses, remain durable over time, and challenge your body and mind.


Built with skateboard grip tape on the top side, feet won’t slip and slide around, so you can focus on the task without the fear of slipping. Two stoppers on the other side made of rubber to protect the board from falling off the roller.

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