Balance Board


The Balance Board by Snipers Edge Hockey is a fun and challenging training tool for all athletes, whether they play hockey or not. Made with a gritty surface wood board and felt roller, the balance board helps players to develop core, leg and ankle strength. Train your hands and eyes to stickhandle and shoot while being slightly off-balance, while your legs work independently. Start on a carpet, and progress over time to harder surfaces. Helmets recommended for youth players.

    Helmet suggested for younger players

    Product Features

    Product highlights:

    - Black gritty surface with Snipers logo on top, rubber grippers underneath, and felt roller

    - As you get better, add a stick and take shots or stickhandling to replicate off-balance maneuvering

    Technical Specs

    - Board measures 29" L , 11" W, 0.75" H (73.7cm, 28cm, and 1.9cm, respectively)

    - Felt roller measures 3.75" diameter and 19.75" length (9.5cm and 50cm, respectively)

    - Weighs 8.8 pounds (4 kgs)

    Balance IS KEY

    At the core of hockey is core strength! The Balance Board creates a dynamic way to improve your balance while also improving your hockey skills.