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Sniper’s Edge Hockey’s Fast Hands is designed to take average hockey skills and transform them into championship-level skills. Using this trainer, combined with some willingness to push yourself and a lot of practice, you can hone your skills with this dynamic training tool and become great on the ice. If you want to become the best player you can be, give the most versatile stickhandling trainer on the market a try. You will be able to feel the difference in no time. Here are the skills that the Fast Hands will help you develop. 

Develop Speed

The Fast Hands training aid is built to help you develop speed with your hands and your brain. The hand-eye coordination that it takes to practice the in-close puck handling drills helps to create muscle memory so when you hit the ice, you can stickhandle quicker,  without thinking. You can start out slow with your training drills and as you progress, you can speed up your training and continue to build on that speed as you get better. When your hand-eye speed increases, the thoughts in your brain go faster as well. This tool helps you to move the puck faster and with more control while at the same time helping to exercise the way you think and react. Critical thinking and fast moves are crucial when it comes to lighting the lamp and winning the game.

Develop the Dangle

There is no one, specific, set way to use the Fast Hands training aid. It is shaped sort of like the letter “U” but with a sight “V” at the bottom. There are 5 points of entry for the puck to go through. You can set it up and stand outside of it to force yourself to stretch in order to catch the puck at the top and bring it back to you. You can also bring it in close and practice short quick stickhandling movements that increase your forearm and shoulder strength. The purpose is to slap the green biscuit, or the puck through the spaces and catch it with your other side. Left to right, right to left, and so on. This is close up, in your face, high-speed training that will push your game to the next level. 

Develop Agility

The reason why cats can jump in and out of trees, on the table, on the fence and everywhere else without getting hurt is that they are agile. Cats, unlike humans, are born agile. It is in their DNA. As for us humans, we have to develop our own agility through practice and determination. Although it takes a certain amount of agility to be able to skate, it takes much more to be able to rip up and down the ice with a puck on your stick. When you focus on training with a Fast Hands training aid and you increase your speed, you begin to increase your agility as well. The thing about this particular training tool is that it is so versatile that it can be used in multiple ways. You can choose to practice in your shoes or on your skates while maneuvering your body.


Sniper’s Edge Hockey believes that everybody should train and play with a purpose in their hearts. We love the game and hope that you do too. Stay focused and committed in all that you do. Success comes to those who work hard at achieving it. Train hard and Snipe with a Purpose!




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