Practicing at home has become necessary when trying to get to that next level. In hockey, off-ice training has developed into a large component to making an athlete successful. The off season is the time for athletes to separate themselves from the competition and make the next team. Utilizing the tools that are available is a way to make practices more challenging and exciting and interesting. The hockey passer allows a player to improve their accuracy, speed, and strength with their passing, and makes for a great one-timer! Having one at home guarantees you won’t need another person to be able to work on your quick release shots. Along with our Synthetic Ice, and Shooting Tarps, the pass master is a perfect pairing because it creates endless possibilities and unique drill and practice opportunities.


Reason 1: One-Timers

A one-timer requires a high level of skill and concentration. It is a difficult skill to master, requiring focus, body control and timing. The pass-master allows you to get repetition, precision, and control when passing. You are able to do as many one-timers and passes as you can with the pass-master. It will never get tired and ask to go inside. This tool will be sure to improve your one-timer!

Reason 2: Teamwork Skills

Being a great passer is one of the best ways to ensure ice time. A player that can execute plays, and put the puck onto their teammate’s stick with ease and create plays all over the ice. The three-sided pass-master, it forces players to pass with accuracy and pace in order to receive the puck back. In the garage, having access to a great tool that can create a teammate for you will be able to help you become the ultimate playmaker!

Reason 3: Speed

The best thing about the pass-master is that it will send the puck back as hard as you sent it to it. The increase of the pace is available to push yourself to the next level. Passing at a higher speed will never be a bad thing, and developing precision and accuracy along with touch and pace will improve your game!


Snipe With a Purpose

Sniper’s Edge is passionate about hockey. Not only the game but all of the hard work and determination that goes into it. To get the most out of any training aid the key is to practice with a purpose. Each pass, each deke, each snipe do it with meaning and purpose behind it. Practice like a champion and you will be one. #snipewithapurpose

August 18, 2020 — Amy Budde

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