Hockey saucer pass

There are hundreds of ice hockey drills that involve passing, but very few are designed to work on mastering the saucer pass, which is a passing technique where one player elevates the puck off the ice, through the air, to another player.

There are two types of saucer passes – the forehand and the backhand – and both share the same technique. Position the puck at the heel of the blade. The key to making a flat pass, where it’s not wobbling in the air, is to get the puck spinning. You do this by pulling your stick blade in toward the front of your body and moving the puck from the heel to the toe of the blade. At the last second, before you release the pass, quickly flick your wrist, elevating the puck off the ice.

Master this passing technique off ice and see your on-ice success go through the roof.

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Best of luck and remember to Work Hard and Dream Bigger than Everyone Else!!

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June 26, 2017 — Lance Pitlick

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