Hockey Goals

Every hockey player wants to score more goals. What's the secret behind scoring more goals? Practice.

Here are five tips you can apply to your game, the next time you hit the ice...

Hit the net – Any shot that is on target has a chance to score, regardless of the power behind it. Just think about getting pucks to the net as much as you can.

Move your feet – When doing ice hockey shooting drills in practice, focus on shooting with your feet moving. This inhibits the goalie from being able to know when you’ll be releasing the shot.

Know where the goalie is located – When you are on a breakaway and the goalie is above the crease, a deke move is ideal. If the goalie is deep in the crease, taking a quick shot as you get close is the best option.

Score in practice – During practices, you’re exposed to all kinds of hockey shooting drills. If you want to score in games, you better be scoring during practice. A little extra determination in practices will bring more game-time success.

Stay close to the blue paint – Coaches, at times, overload players with hockey tactics and hockey strategies on how to generate more offense and score more goals. Keep this simple concept in mind… if the puck is in or near the blue paint of the crease, then that’s where you should be as much as possible.

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May 15, 2017 — Lance Pitlick

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