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Over the last decade, off-ice training for hockey players has become very popular. Players and coaches have discovered that stick skill acquisition can be accelerated when adding off-ice training in addition to on-ice practices.

Off-ice training for kids should start as early as possible. Creating a space in your garage or basement is key to giving your player the opportunity to experiment with different stickhandling and shooting drills. Sniper's Edge can help you create your own Home Hockey Training Area with the hottest hockey training aids and equipment!

When learning stickhandling, don’t worry about off-ice training for speed. Start slow and perfect your technique. Once you have mastered a drill mistake free, start increasing the speed. When the number of mistakes is reduced at a higher speed, proceed to vision training. This is where you look at an object 10-12’ in front of you while doing the drill.

On all off-ice shooting drills, the key is persistent practice. Work on all the different shooting options: wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, and the backhand. Remember to shoot from different angles, as well from far out and in tight.

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May 08, 2017 — Lance Pitlick

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