The Best Hockey Training Packages


Hockey Training Packages

Right now, circumstances have led to people having to spend a lot more time at home. The old normal of hockey games, practices, and gym training has been transformed into the new normal of self-isolation. This means no playing with your teammates, getting in-person instruction from your coach or training on professional equipment at the rink or a gym.

This doesn’t mean you should stop training though! On the contrary, now is a perfect time to keep working on your game so that when things do get back to normal – and they will – you or your child will be a better, stronger, and more skilled hockey player. The best way to do this is with a hockey training package that gives you everything you need to train at home. Here are some of the best hockey training kits you can get to help you through this difficult time.

Hockey Shooting Packages

Let’s be honest. Most hockey players want one thing; to score goals! A great deke, a pinpoint pass, or great poke check on defense are all great but nothing feels quite as good as lighting the lamp. With our Shooting Packages, you will be able to improve your shot so it is more accurate, quicker, and harder which are the three most important things for shooting in hockey.

Accuracy – To be an accurate shooter, you need to be able to pick out the corners or go five-hole. With the Sniper’s Edge Rookie Package, you get a hooting pad to replicate shooting off real ice and a goalie shooting tarp to get you hitting those sweet spots.

Quickness – To improve the speed with which you get off your shot, check out the Pro Package. This gives you the pad and tarp plus a passing helper and speed balls to help accelerate your reflexes.

PowerThe All-Star shooting package gives you all this plus multiple balls and pucks and a stickhandling trainer to strengthen your core and give you more power behind your shot.


Stickhandling Training Package

Stickhandling is all about control. Being able to control the puck like it is glued to your stick is what makes a great stickhandler. Even with natural abilities and talent, the best stickhandlers in the world practice, practice, practice.  The more you practice your craft, the silkier your mitts will become!  

Sniper’s Edge also has three levels of stickhandling hockey training packages. The Rookie package is for beginners and has a stickhandling trainer and a variety of balls and pucks train different aspects of stickhandling. The intermediate Pro hockey training kit adds a PassMaster to practice the next step of stickhandling to and from a pass. Finally, the All-Star hockey training kit is as close as you can get to a real, on-ice practice with a stickhandling pad and an attack triangle that replicates ice and an opponent respectively.

Passing Training Packages

Last but not least in the hockey training kit world is the passing training packages. While goals may get you the glory and stickhandling will get you the “oohs” and “ahhs”, passing is what will get you the respect of your teammates and coaches. 

When you are training alone at home, it can be hard to work on passing due to the lack of a teammate. That is where the Snipers Edge passing skills hockey training kit comes in. All of the packages, RookiePro, and All-Star, come with a PassMaster and a shooting mat so you can work on sending and receiving passes under realistic conditions. These three levels allow you to work on everything from the basics of passing to high-level maneuvers.


If you are looking for a great hockey training kit to develop your skills while you are stuck at home, look no further than Snipers Edge. We offer hockey training kits for each individual skill sets and even complete home hockey training kit to be able to work on everything at once.

May 01, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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